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Centers of Excellence - Asia

Centers of Excellence: Hawaii United States


Gamma Knife Center of the Pacific
Honolulu, HI
Phone:+(808) 535-1579
Ask for: Rona Yanos
Website: Gamma Knife Center of the Pacific

  • Technology:
    • Gamma Knife (Brain)
    • Linac (Referral To)

  • Specialties:
    • Neurosurgical Radiosurgery
  • Neurosurgeons:
    • Alfred Bowles, MD
    • Gonzalo Chong, MD
    • Daniel Donovan, MD
    • Warren Y. Ishida, MD
    • Leon Liem, MD
    • Michon Morita, MD
    • Maurice Nicholson, MD
    • Eric Oshiro, MD
    • Carrie Schmitt, MD

  • Radiation Oncologists:
    • Paul DeMare, MD
    • Thanh Huynh, MD
    • Laeton Pang, MD
    • Winlove Suasin, MD

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