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The PERFEXION is an entirely new concept in radiosurgery by Elekta the manufacturer of the Gamma Knife. It is the newest radiosurgery machine available to patients for treatment of brain tumors and brain disorders. As a new treatment machine it required full and new approval by the Food and Drug Administration as well as the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The PERFEXION is a surgeon's machine and is used to treat the brain and upper spine and neck and does not treat body tumors.

The PERFEXION is the world’s first fully robotized image guided 192 Cobalt-60 source in clinical use. It is fast efficient with more comfort for the patient.Based on a breakthrough in technology, the latest generation Gamma Knife® PERFEXION™ has taken minimally invasive neurosurgery to a completely new level of sophistication and effectiveness while maintaining full clinical compatibility with previously successful procedures and protocols. PERFEXION’s extended treatable reach offers access to unlimited cranial volume and expands anatomical reach to more areas of the head and neck. In addition, by optimizing the system’s robotic component, treatment times have been shortened dramatically.

With the PERFEXION's wider application range of advanced Gamma Knife radiosurgery there is improvement in the quality of life for many more patients with serious neurological conditions. The same as with any of the Gamma Knife® models, the PERFEXION’s unmatched combination of power and precision has resulted in positive clinical outcomes with few complications. The painless treatment is usually done on an outpatient basis and requires no general anesthesia. Most patients return home in just a few hours and resume normal activities the day after treatment.

The PERFEXION and all Gamma Knife® models are a neurosurgical tool designed exclusively for the treatment of brain disorders.

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PERFEXIONTM is a registered trademark of Elekta Instruments, Inc.


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